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It’s Miller Time for you if your name has Miller in it

August 4, 2012
1pm - 4pm
401 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago

You know when you see a restaurant, street sign, city name or brand that has your name in it? And you just think, well that’s pretty cool…it’s like it’s mine! Except now, if your name is Miller, it actually CAN be yours because it’s Miller Time for you!

If your first, middle or last name is Miller, stop by NBC Plaza and claim your “It’s Miller Time!” $25 gift card! Yes, that’s right, if your name has Miller in it, you’re worthy of spending $25 of fun all on Miller. Honestly, if you’re in the area, why wouldn’t you go?!

This promotion through Miller is happening today from 1-4pm! Don’t miss out! To claim your gift card, you have to show your ID proving you’re at least 21 years of age and that your name contains the word “Miller.”

The golden word today is Miller. Do you have it?