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Idina Menzel at Ravinia

July 8, 2012
5pm - 7pm

Summer nights are baaaaaa-aaaaaaack (cue one of our favorite karaoke songs)! And here at Cheeky, it is imperative that we enjoy these evenings in the magical land of…Ravinia!

Get your very own lawn spot tonight at Ravinia and enjoy the beautiful concert that awaits you with none other than…Idina Menzel. Maybe you’ve heard of this Broadway star. You know, this might ring a bell: “It’s time to try defying gravity, and you can’t pull me down!” She was the original Elphaba and she’ll be performing tonight!

And for those looking to get your very own Cheeky Card, if you’re one of the first six to buy the Cheeky Card with the promo code CHEEKYRAVINIA, you’ll score two tickets to this amazing show! All for $50. Yeah, we know. Pretty cool.

So join us tonight at Ravinia. And get your Cheeky Card while you’re at it!