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Get Your Oktoberfest Fill in Wicker Park

A normal tall beer glass holds about 22 ounces, right? That puts into perspective just how monstrous an 80-ounce glass boot will be!

It’s a beer-lover’s absolute dream. Oktoberfest in Chicago could rival the real thing! And High Noon Saloon in Wicker Park wasn’t about to miss out on the festivities!

The iconic Tex-Mex bar is featuring Das Boot, 80-ounces of craziness that is not for the faint of heart or liver! Fill ‘er up with either a domestic brew or something a little craftier. And the full menu is still up for grabs if you have any room left!

Das Boot with domestics is $20 and $26 with crafts or imports. Menu items vary. The offer is available through October 6.

Grab your Bears gear and get ready to fill up on one of Oktoberfest’s tried and true traditions, Das Boot!