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Get Your Fill at Falafill

August 6 – 31, 2012
11am - 10pm
3202 N. Broadway, Chicago

Did you know Mediterranean food is one of the healthiest cuisines out there? Hummus, pita, falafels, wraps, you name it, it’s definitely better than that Big Mac you had last week.

Falafill is offering a specialty wrap by farm-to-table trailblazer Jason Hammel of Lula Cafe and Nightwood for the entire month of August!

Part of Falafill’s Chefs for Charity series, which showcases guest wraps from leading Chicago chefs and changes monthly, Hammel’s wrap is comprised of a traditional falafel topped with summer corn and smoked Sun Gold tomato relish, pickled pistachios, crispy fried kale, and honey labne. Healthy AND delicious – just what we like to hear.

The whole mix is enveloped in one of Falafill’s signature thin, all-natural pitas, and costs $6.50 each. And the best part? All proceeds will benefit Pilot Light, a non-profit organization Hammel co-founded that teaches Chicago Public School children through food.

Doing good by eating food? Can’t ask for much more.