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Free Popsicles from the PUBLIC Ice Tricycle

July 29, 2012
1pm - 4pm
North Ave. and Oak St. Beaches, Chicago

PUBLIC hotel is bringing you the coolest treat this summer! Well, okay, maybe not the whole summer but for this weekend and the next!

PUBLIC is introducing the Public Ice Tricycle…now what is this ice…tricycle? Huh? Oh, you know it’s just a tricycle that’ll be working its way around Chicago’s lakefront between North Avenue Beach and Oak Street Beach on Saturday and Sunday to give you chilled goodies to cool you down in these way-too-hot temps.

The Ice Trike will be passing out free handcrafted popsicles, all deriving from PUBLIC’s Pump Room’s summer cocktail menu. And all the popsicles are non-alcoholic so give the kiddies one, too! Flavors include Ginger Margarita, Raspberry Lychee Bellini, Chili Passion, Thyme Lemonade and Cherry Yuzu Old Fashion – YUM.

AND! For 20 lucky individuals (if only we were that lucky), you’ll receive a “Golden Ticket” on your pop to receive $15 off your next visit to the Library Bar or Pump Room Bar at PUBLIC Chicago. Hollerrrr.

Treats to cool us down? Yes, PLEASE.