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Crafting a Whiskey Smash at Filini

June 12, 2012
5pm - 7pm
221 N. Columbus Dr., Chicago

We’ve told you about cocktail lessons before and we’ve also told you that every Cheeky lady should know how to make her favorite drink. Well, today, we’ve got an event that will teach you a new drink you might never have heard of.

Filini is bringing you “Crafting the Classics” again – and this time, we’re making a Whiskey Smash! So for those who like the stronger liquors, preferably whiskey, this is the class for you!

Two 30-minute classes will respectively start at 5:45pm and 6:30pm teaching you how to make this awesome cocktail. Afterwards, head up to Filini and enjoy an amazing dinner. Perfect for those looking for pre-meal happy hour.

A little extra bartending knowledge never hurt anyone. So head over tonight!