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Chicago Yacht Club Presents Race to Mackinac

July 21, 2012
10am - 1pm
600 E. Grand Ave., Chicago

We’re sure you’ve heard about this prestigious boat race to the far away island in Michigan called Race to Mac. It’s kind of like…the Iron Man of racing boats. It’s sort of a big deal. And even though you may not know how to sail a boat, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate in this awesome event!

There will be an official boat viewing party called Ashore Thing today before everyone gets ready to race to Mackinac Island! Ashore Thing will provide guests with front-row views of this amazing sailing race in a super chic lounge outfitted with cabanas, cafe tables and a DJ, all for a perfect afternoon party.

And for those looking to really go all out for this fab event, you can pre-order a delectable picnic basket for two, which includes a half-bottle of Veuve Clicquot, sandwiches, artisan cheeses, nuts and dessert! All for $75. So if you’re looking for a romantic Saturday afternoon activity, this is it! But make sure you order your basket by July 18 at http://gmgvegas.com/ashorething/!

Don’t forget to bring your boat shoes and sundresses.