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Chicago SummerDance

July 19, 2012
6pm - 9pm
601 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago

You know Cheeky’s all about being bold. And we’re all for a little dancing in public. So get ready for the largest outdoor dance party in the U.S.

The 16th annual Chicago SummerDance is here and today through September 16, you’ll be able to dance away every Thursday through Sunday evening. This is THE event for you to go to with your fam because there is no age-limit or requirement necessary to have a good time here!

The first hour of the event will offer a free, introductory one-hour dance lesson by professional instructors followed by music and dancing.

The event is completely free and takes place in the Spirt of Music Garden in Grant Park.

So stop by Grant Park this summer when you’re in the area and do a little dancing. It’s always good to get your groove on every now and then.