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Farmers’ Market

September 16, 2012
8am - 12pm
951 McHenry Rd., Buffalo Grove

In the ‘burbs on a Sunday morning? Want some home grown veggies, fruits or locally made products?? YUM!

Buffalo Grove is in its third summer of hosting Sunday morning Farmers’ Markets for everyone!! With fresh meats, cheeses, breads, flowers and more, come collect some FRESH produce so you can enjoy a healthy week of fruits and veggies! Make a veggie platter or fruit salad! Create a unique salad with hand picked veggies and cheese! The options are endless!!

The Farmers’ Market runs from 8am through 12:30pm at the parking lot in Mike Rylko Community Park! For more info or questions, call 847.459.2517.

Start your week on a healthy foot!! Who wouldn’t LOOOOVE a homemade, fresh, colorful salad made with hand-picked veggies?! See you in Buffalo Grove where they’re keepin’ it fresh at the Farmers’ Market!!