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Health and Fitness Event with Andrea Metcalf

August 21, 2012
6pm - 8pm
1200 W. Lake St., Chicago

It’s summer which means – like us you’ve probably had a few too many drinks and a few too many nights on the town. And you know those dinners with your girlfriends where there’s just too much good food and you can’t resist? Yeah, we’ve had a bit too many of those, too. So we’re sure you’ve been looking for a solution to help you out with this little summer dilemma.

Join Lifebook Workshop today at its Health and Fitness Event with Andrea Metcalf! From 6-6:15pm, there will be a reception followed by the workshop starting at 6:15pm. The workshop takes you on a journey to achieving all your health and fitness goals. You’ll learn the ins and outs of what it actually means to be healthy. Looking to eat better? They’ll help you figure out what’s right for you. Looking to lose weight? They’ve got something for that as well.

Whatever your goal is, this is the place to be! We know staying in fabu shape and going out is tough to balance, but with the right help, you’ll be back and ready for fall in no time!