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Vote Chicago’s Restaurants for “America’s Manliest Restaurants”

July 30 – 31, 2012
9am - 5pm

Alright, Chicagoans, we’re lookin’ at you for this one. It’s time to rep your city, ladies and gentleman, so we need to hear from both of you.

Some of our favorite Chicago restaurants have been nominated for different categories in Men’s Health‘s “America’s Manliest Restaurants” and they need your votes.

Lakeview’s favorite fish spot Fish Bar is nominated for “Best Seafood Shack,” along with Lincoln Park’s Butcher & the Burger for “Best Burger Spot.” And for those who know deep dish pizza, you know that Burt’s Place is the place to go, hence it’s nomination for “Best Pizza Parlor.” But if you’re looking for a good steakhouse, which we know Chicago has plenty of, Chicago Cut is your go-to spot, making it aptly nominated as “Best Steakhouse.” And how can you enjoy Chicago food without enjoying some delicious hot dogs? That’s why Hot Doug’s Encased Meat Emporium has been nominated as “Best Adventurous Eating.” This city knows food and deserves the recognition in Men’s Health.

You have to vote today though because voting ends TOMORROW, July 31! So get your votes in today and show just how manly Chicago can be!