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Female Empowerment Business Strategy

Meet JinJa Birkenbeuel of Birk Creative

October 23, 2014

Over the past 17 years, the number of female-owned firms in the United States has increased to one-and-a-half times the national average. That’s a lot of businesses, but more importantly, that’s a lot of female entrepreneurs who are pushing the envelope to redefine the paradigm of what it means to be a leader in business in this country. Enter JinJa Birkenbeuel of Birk.Creative, our hometown example of a female entrepreneur who is using her success in the business world to inspire other women to reach farther, see the big picture and build their network of support for sustainability in their fields. The success of this mother of three is dependent not only …  Read more

Washio: Your New Laundry Ninja

Say Goodbye to Doing Laundry for Good

October 9, 2014

While some of us feel we will go mad if we have to hear about another awesome app, this one is worth the hype. Washio–the leading app for dry cleaning and laundry–allows you to enjoy the luxury of on-demand dry cleaning and laundry delivery with a click of your phone. Available free on iPhone and Android, the Washio app enables customers to select a laundry pickup and drop-off time from 6 a.m. to midnight. A Washio ninja will arrive with reusable bags during the selected half-hour window and return 24 hours later with clothes professionally washed and folded or dry cleaned. In-app billing allows for automatic payments, so no cash is needed. It’s …  Read more

I Joined a Cult

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Those So-Called “Pyramid Schemes”

October 9, 2014

It was 2008, and a good friend invited me to a party. I showed up, and it was a typical night filled with cocktails, friends and laughter until…the thunderous roar of the Amazon Rainforest came blaring on the TV, and we were all asked to sit down for a short presentation with some very energetic man I’ve never seen before. What was happening? Suddenly I was being asked to drink and promote some jungle juice that cost $50 a bottle and could supposedly cure all that ailed me. Um, no thanks. I have wine for that. In 2010, my sister called with an “exciting opportunity.” She was jacked on the juice. …  Read more