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Here Comes the Bride

Your One-Stop Shop for Bridal Stationery: Pulp & Ink!

March 19, 2014

With bridal season upon us, there are endless decisions to be made. What dress to wear? What bridesmaids to choose? What music, flowers and food? And what stationery to pick for those coveted wedding invites? With infinite invitation options, we’ve got the most unique (and local) answer. Pulp & Ink offers the most gorgeous, distinctive paper products: from wedding invites to stationery to corporate and social invitations. In a technological world, it’s nice to appreciate something a bit more elegant and understated. Whether you are looking for something borrowed (your grandmother’s engraved wedding invitation) or something blue, Pulp & Ink can do it better, quicker and friendlier than the competition. P&I offers save …  Read more

The Language of Flowers

Spread Floral Love on Your Wedding Day!

March 5, 2014

More than anything, I love giving you just another way to add meaning into your wedding day. Did you know flowers can be used to add meaning to your wedding bouquet, boutonnieres and centerpieces? The Language of Flowers, called floriography, is a form of communication through the use of the arrangement of flowers. The Victorian Era is when floriography gained popularity and people would choose specific floral arrangements to send coded messages to their loved ones. It’s been too long, so let’s bring it back! What a great way to bring love and meaning to your wedding. Baby’s Breath: “Everlasting Love” Ahh… the boundless baby’s breath means “everlasting love.” Baby’s breath alone is …  Read more

In Home Hair & Make-up:

For all your high-heel happenings.

September 26, 2013
Kari Radjewski
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Beauty is pain.  It is a fact of life women have come to accept.  On the other hand, beauty should NOT be a pain in the ass.  As females, we love to dress-up for fancy fetes, but when it comes to perfecting our look from the shoulders up, we become fearful of who to hire.  Worries of “Will my hair look okay?”  and “My make-up better not look like a clown!” set-in, and the excitement turns a tizzy.  That is, if you haven’t heard of… Brilliant! — is a site that makes party primping, simple and convenient.  Specializing in special occasions, The Stylisted is a dual-sided, client-to-stylist marketplace connecting …  Read more