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Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique Bridal Boot Camp

Session 1

June 11, 2014
Erica Bethe Levin
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There are a lot of really fun things about being engaged. I mean, a lot. The congratulations, the celebrating, the parties, the presents, the friendships, the unity…not least of all is the opportunity to get into the best shape of your life. This could mean physically and mentally. Mentally, we start to prepare for the combining of two different lives, two different families, the possibility of children and of buying a home. There’s a lot of mental preparation. Physically, you might want to lose a few pounds, tone up your arms, work on your tush, get your skin in flawless shape, lengthen your lashes…the list goes on and on. In terms …  Read more

The Cheeky Bride: How to Enjoy Wedding Planning

Make the Big Day a Great Day

April 23, 2014

When I got engaged, aside from “congratulations,” the thing people said to me most often was “happy planning!” It struck me as a bit odd because I thought the “big thing” was committing to spending my life with my fiancé, but as comments about planning continued to pour in, I started asking why. The consistent reply? “It was so stressful,” “I just wanted it to be over” or “I wish we had eloped.” Oh. Well. That sounds fun. (And absolutely not how I want to feel going into my wedding.) So, in the spirit of choosing to enjoy The Big Day, here are some tips for enjoying wedding planning to the fullest. It’s …  Read more

Here Comes the Bride

Your One-Stop Shop for Bridal Stationery: Pulp & Ink!

March 19, 2014

With bridal season upon us, there are endless decisions to be made. What dress to wear? What bridesmaids to choose? What music, flowers and food? And what stationery to pick for those coveted wedding invites? With infinite invitation options, we’ve got the most unique (and local) answer. Pulp & Ink offers the most gorgeous, distinctive paper products: from wedding invites to stationery to corporate and social invitations. In a technological world, it’s nice to appreciate something a bit more elegant and understated. Whether you are looking for something borrowed (your grandmother’s engraved wedding invitation) or something blue, Pulp & Ink can do it better, quicker and friendlier than the competition. P&I offers save …  Read more