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Train Your Brain to Not Overindulge in Holiday Sweets (Now)

Get Ahead of the Holiday Dessert Trap With These Three Sugar Detox Plans

October 8, 2014
Lisa Payne

Living in Chicago, we know that between summer and winter lies a short season we know of as fall. It’s often a blissful time where we get to wear our favorite knee-high boots, tailgate with the boys and enjoy a warm pumpkin latte on a walk outside. However, it is also in fall where we create habits that will carry us through winter. And when Mom is already taunting you with making decadent holiday desserts, now is the time to turn that sweet tooth off! Here are three sugar detox plans to help you stand strong: The 21-Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo They say it takes 21 days to make or …  Read more

Life and Death: the Spirit of Chicago Eased My Pain

By Cathy Cassata

October 8, 2014

Coldplay’s “Fix You” blared from my headphones on my routine L ride home from work. The lyrics, “Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones,” suddenly rang true. As we crossed over the river, I burst into tears–the hard core, uncontrollable kind. I couldn’t stop. And the harder I tried, the harder I cried. Concerned passengers asked if I was okay, but they only made it worse. To escape the embarrassment, I prematurely dashed off the train and cabbed it home. I was six months pregnant, and my mom had died three months earlier. On my 21st birthday, Mom told me I saved her life. “You know, when you were …  Read more

Forgotten Baby Syndrome

Five Tips to Avoid a Car-tastrophy

October 8, 2014
Baby aboard!
Dr. Payal Adhikari
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Every now and then we all forget something in our cars: an umbrella, a wallet, maybe even the cell phone that is usually glued to our hand. But is it possible to FORGET your baby? In June, Justin Ross Harris’s 22-month-old died after being left his hot car (and he has since been charged with malice murder), and now it seems like “forgotten babies” are popping up everywhere–just last week, the twenty-eighth child of this season died after his caretaker left him in the car to attend a church choir practice in Phoenix. Are these actions intentional, or could it really be a careless slip of the mind? Each year, countless children are …  Read more