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Auchentoshan American Oak: Cocktail-Friendly Scotch

Don't Like Scotch? This Bottle will Change Your Mind!

June 17, 2014
Samantha Nelson

I have a bunch of guy friends that are very serious about scotch. They can sit for an hour sipping a good glass, but to me just a taste is enough to know I have no interest in drinking any more. The barley used to make scotch is traditionally dried by heating it with a fire made from burning peat, decaying plants pulled out of Scottish swamps. The booze soaks up the taste of the peat smoke. Some people love it, but I’m not one of them. That’s why I was intrigued when I heard about Auchentoshan American Oak, a brand new type of scotch meant to be cocktail-friendly. It’s triple …  Read more

Jimmy Shakes Things Up

Jimmy's Spring Cocktail Menu Offers Sippers for all Tastes!

May 19, 2014
Samantha Nelson

While in-the-know cocktail enthusiasts have been coming to Jimmy since it opened in August, The James hotel’s famous bar is about to get a lot more public. The speakeasy-style spot currently has no signage. (You’d have to know it was there to figure out you should walk through the butcher-paper covered door in the back of Burke’s Bacon Bar and head downstairs through multiple levels of metal-beaded curtains.) But good news: The Bacon Bar is now closed, and Jimmy will be taking over the extra space in mid-June to open a patio, where it will serve some new signature cocktails. If you want to be ahead of the curve, stop in now …  Read more

Cheeky is Buying Crafthouse Cocktails

The Best Cocktail to Bring to Your Wednesday Night BYOB Spot!

May 5, 2014
cheeky speaks

Listen up, ladies! Cheeky wants to buy your Wednesday night cocktails. Yes, you heard right: Cheeky is buying! We are thrilled to announce that every Wednesday evening from now until the end of October, Cheeky cocktail lovers will have the opportunity to win a delicious Crafthouse bottle delivered straight to their table when dining out at Chicago BYOB restaurants. How fabulous did Wednesday nights just get? Our lovely friends at Crafthouse have concocted three flavorful, refreshing and authentic cocktails that are ready to drink as soon as the bottle is popped. Under the supervision of chief mixologist Charles Joly, Crafthouse has designed a line of pourable craft drinks with its classic …  Read more