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St. Patrick’s Day Roundup!

By: Danielle Vega

March 11, 2014
Chicago Green River
cheeky speaks

Are you ready for St. Patrick’s Day? Let’s be honest… Most people don’t know much about the holiday except that you wear green and you drink. A lot. Technically, St. Patrick’s Day is on a Monday this year, but nobody wants to celebrate the Irish holiday on a Monday. Instead, Chicago is hosting a ton of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on Saturday, March 15. Because it can be overwhelming to decide which party or bar to stop at with so many options, Cheeky put together a simple guide of our top picks. We have to start off with the Chicago traditions, of course. Dyeing of the Chicago River For over 50 years, Chicago has …  Read more

Single in the City: Valentine’s Day

By: Danielle Vega

February 11, 2014
Single Valentine's Day
cheeky speaks

Does Valentine’s Day make you cringe? Are you someone who refers to the holiday as “Singles Awareness Day”? Cheeky is here to change your mindset. Singles don’t have it bad AT ALL on Valentine’s Day! In fact, V-Day is pretty much the best day of the entire year to go out and party with other singles. You’re less likely to be chatting it up with someone in a bar who’s taken because he (hopefully) should be somewhere with his girlfriend/wife! To make your Valentine’s Day one night to remember, Cheeky suggests these sexy singles parties. Stupid Cupid Party We must say this is our top pick by far. Drop is one of …  Read more

The James Hotel’s Little Secret

Sip Cocktails at JIMMY, The James' Secret Lounge

January 28, 2014

Us Cheeky girls know how to keep a secret but today we are spilling the beans. Did you know The James Hotel has a hidden lounge with incredible cocktails, where celebrities have been known to frequent? Meet JIMMY, James’ secret alter ego. The James Hotel is famous for their top rated steak restaurant, David Burke’s Primehouse, as well as their newest venture, Burke’s Bacon Bar – a “grab and go sandwich shop” involving all things bacon. However, tucked behind this tiny sandwich stand is a door that blends in with the wall. Most would simply never notice, or give it a second glance. But behind this entrance is where their best-kept …  Read more