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How to Drink Wine on a Diet: Sip Like a Pro

The Wine Rules to Sip Smart

November 4, 2014
The Cheeky Wine Guide

So you’ve made a vow to eat less. Perhaps, just perhaps, you’ve made this particular promise to yourself more than once. I’ll confess that I have. If you are anything like me, your resolution to cut the calories coincides with an event–first day of the month, holiday coming up, the “oh, I ate way too much”–just passed. In any case, you’ve set the goal. And whatever diet plan you’ve selected (this time), you know you are in for a bit of, shall we say, deprivation? And, it does seem oh so unfair not to be able to have a bit of a sip when you’ve been good all day avoiding …  Read more

Harvest 2014 Santa Barbara Style

Enjoy the Harvest Among the Vines from Winemaker Steve Fennell

September 30, 2014
Steve Fennell in Vineyard
The Cheeky Wine Guide

Readers of Cheeky Chicago know the scoop when it comes to fall–the latest fashion trends, not-to-be-missed new restaurants, etc.–but I’ve got some news on the latest vintage just harvested. Now, as Cheeky Wine Guide readers know, I usually share my explorations of the harvest in Napa; this year I’ll share with you some tidbits from the wine region north of Santa Barbara known as Sta. Rita Hills. Referred to as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay country, I’d like to let you hear from a winemaker who specializes in both varietals. Steve Fennell from Sanford Winery–yes, the Sanford that was in the movie Sideways–just finished picking his last Pinot Noir grapes from the amazingly beautiful vineyards that surround the …  Read more

White Wine for Fall: Meet Garganega

A New Grape for Autumn Sipping

September 9, 2014
The Cheeky Wine Guide

Fall. Time to put away the whites and the tank tops and dig in the closet for your stash of sweaters in shades of orange  and browns. Oh, and why not accessorize with a new scarf–or two? For your wine needs, articles are starting to tout this time as one for exploring reds. But hold on, as this Cheeky Wine Guide has another idea. Here in Chicago, September might be back-to-school time, but my hair says it is still hot-and-sticky time, so when it comes to wine, we still like to sip our whites in Lakeview (or Bucktown)–so I have a white sipper to recommend this week. And, in the spirit of …  Read more