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The Book of All Food & Wine Pairing Books

Neiman Marcus Cooks

February 3, 2015
The Cheeky Wine Guide

Blogs, websites, old yellowing pieces of paper stuck into cookbooks…this is where we find ourselves looking for recipes. Yes? But how then to match these favorites, old and new, to the wines that will elevate the dining experience – whether it’s at a well-set table or eaten on a coffee table while watching Scandal? It’s a cinch with Neiman Marcus Cooks, a fantastic cookbook that pairs each and every recipe with a wine. Written by Kevin Garvin, Executive Chef at Neiman Marcus restaurants, the book (a completely revised edition of a classic favorite) takes the guesswork out of the seemingly impossible task of selecting the right wine to go with foods that often have …  Read more

Save Time with Gift Worthy Wines

December 9, 2014
Protea Wine
The Cheeky Wine Guide

So, December comes around and it can hit me at a party, walking down the hallway at work or perhaps when meeting friends at a restaurant–and someone invariably asks, “Are you all ready?” Seriously? We work, buff and fluff, work some more and try to eek out a social life. And then, when the holidays roll around, there is the pressure to decorate, shop and send. Oh, and perhaps be the perfect hostess. Well, the Cheeky Wine Guide is here to help with a few gift suggestions to take the pressure off. Easy peasy. Here’s the quick list to help you select something interesting and save you that most precious …  Read more

How to Drink Wine on a Diet: Sip Like a Pro

The Wine Rules to Sip Smart

November 4, 2014
The Cheeky Wine Guide

So you’ve made a vow to eat less. Perhaps, just perhaps, you’ve made this particular promise to yourself more than once. I’ll confess that I have. If you are anything like me, your resolution to cut the calories coincides with an event–first day of the month, holiday coming up, the “oh, I ate way too much”–just passed. In any case, you’ve set the goal. And whatever diet plan you’ve selected (this time), you know you are in for a bit of, shall we say, deprivation? And, it does seem oh so unfair not to be able to have a bit of a sip when you’ve been good all day avoiding …  Read more