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Play Hard in the Goldcoast

Find Chicago's Finest in the Goldcoast

February 19, 2013

I work hard, play hard and sleep soundly in the Goldcoast. All of my hard work, play dates and slumber constantly drives me into the best of my neighborhood establishments for libations and refueling…not to mention just a good old fashioned time in general. I have a passion for good food and drink but along with that comes my insatiable craving for aesthetically pleasing environments. I can safely say when it comes to establishments in the Goldcoast, I am an expert. I have tried it all. If you are available tonight, I will personally show you to my favorites, or if you have four minutes now, I will run down my …  Read more


Pull a Seat Up at the (Coffee) Bar

July 3, 2009

It’s not a “bar” in the sense that they don’t serve booze or fried finger food and they don’t stay open until the wee a.m. hours. And it’s definitely not a “scene” in that high-heeled, lines around the block, big ole’ bouncers and thumping Beyonce kind of way. What it does do is serve some of the best coffee in the city, fresh pastries, even better pies, and opens in the wee a.m. hours. What makes it a scene is the hip, young neighborhood crowd that flocks here in droves, the super cool staff (who all look like they just strolled off the pages of an Urban Outfitter catalogue), the …  Read more

Uncommon Ground

Uncommon Libations

February 6, 2009

So, football season is over (boo!), but baseball season is right around the corner (yay!). If you are like most baseball-loving chicks in this town, you probably call Wrigley your home and the Cubbies your men. And if you’re like many Wrigley dwellers, Casey Moran’s, Harry Carey’s and Yakzies are your typical haunts. But a beer guzzling, chicken wing munching, frat boy scene isn’t all that cheeky, which is why we are oh-so grateful for the very hip, very chill, very classy Uncommon Ground, located right at the corner of Clark and Grace. Yes, we know the food here is amazing (think local, organic, American-inspired upscale cuisine.) But …  Read more