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Top 10 Spring Break Spots to Survive “Sprinter”

Explore the Top Destinations for Your Spring Vacay!

March 25, 2014
Kaleigh Glaza

The snow is finally thawing in Chicago, and hopefully it stays that way! But as we make our way through “sprinter” (that time between spring and winter), it’s time to get out of town and give yourself a true spring break. While there are always staples like Las Vegas or Miami, there are plenty of other places to take in some sunshine. Whether you’re still in school or just need a long weekend away, we have all the best spots for you to escape to! In the good ole US-of-A, there are plenty of cities for those who love the sun, the sand or those haven’t gotten enough of the snow. South …  Read more

Cold, Chicago? Warm Up with Bonfire Wines

Drink Quality Wine from a Pouch-and-Spout

March 18, 2014

When it comes to alcohol, I’m pretty picky about what I drink. (Yes, I can hear the collective guffaw from anyone who’s been out with me.) But let’s not confuse quality and quantity here. Because I want both. Which actually makes Bonfire Wines like the Bert to my Ernie. So last week, I invited my fave gals Lindsay Humes, Monica Modzelewski and Ashlee Piper over to see if I had, in fact, found the mothership to call me home. The stand-out feature of Bonfire Wines is that it comes in an eco-friendly pouch, holding one and a half liters, which is two bottles for those of us who speak wine. I was a …  Read more

Hit the Road

Women in Travel Summit Hits Chicago!

March 11, 2014

Love to travel? Love to blog? How about both? March 14-16 marks the first and only travel blogging summit by and for women: Women in Travel Summit. Meet other female travel bloggers, connect with brands, build expertise and engage in the global sisterhood of traveling women. The summit, sponsored by Chicago’s own Go Girl Travel Network, will be hosted at the historic Palmer House Hilton hotel. The three-day event will enable travel bloggers who are usually posted throughout the globe to connect with travel-based brands, build their own expertise and engage in the sisterhood of traveling women. Evelyn Hannon of Journeywoman and Jeannie Mark of Nomadic Chick have been announced as the summit’s keynote …  Read more