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Sweet Treat in a Jar: Public House’s Spiced Apple Pie

Dig Into This Multi-Layered Holiday Dessert!

November 24, 2014
Photo Courtesy of Public House Chicago
Kaleigh Glaza

There really is no bad time for pie, but the holidays might be the best time all year! From pumpkin to French silk, there are plenty of options, but nothing is more classic than apple pie. It’s an American tradition and a perfect way to celebrate any of the upcoming holidays. Plus, Monday, December 1st, is also National Fried Pie Day, so it’s really a day to stop caring about calories and put on those stretchy pants to indulge in one of Public House’s newest desserts: Spiced Apple Pie in a Jar. It’s a comfort food with a unique presentation but that same sweet delicious taste. While there are a multitude of ways to make this classic …  Read more

Wine + Takeout = A Girl’s Best Friend

Top 5 Wine Pairings for Comfort Food

November 3, 2014
Lakesha Rose

For the nights when you just want to relax and order in your favorite comfort food, lifestyle expert Lakesha Rose put together the ultimate guide to takeout and wine pairings. She also recommends Twitter for its massive wine community and says it’s a great place to go if you need expert advice. Follow @LakeshaRose or accounts like @winematcher and @winewiseguy, or tweet with #winepairing or #winewednesday to join the conversation and get real time pairing tips. 1. Grilled Cheese with Banfi Chianti Classico Comfort food pairs really well with Chianti. I recommend a “grown up grilled cheese” with Banfi Chianti Classico–the wine’s delicious ripe cherry and spice are perfect with the richness of the …  Read more

Eight Things You Didn’t Know About RPM Steak

Fun Facts About Chicago's Hottest Restaurant

October 6, 2014

We have all heard the buzz surrounding the Melmans’ and celebrity couple, Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s, newest restaurant venture, RPM Steak. If the three month waiting list is not proof of their success, we don’t know what is. Although several publications have already been written about RPM Steak, we got the inside scoop on eight little secrets every Cheeky girl should know. 1. Scene and Be Seen: RPM Steak was physically designed to be a “scene and be seen” restaurant. The large, open dining room allows for interaction between tables, and guests located in the back bar can get a clear view of the entire establishment via the large mirrors on the …  Read more