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Style Spotlight with Jay Michael

The Star of 100 Days of Summer Dishes about Fashion, Bravo TV and Everything Chicago

February 4, 2014
Jay Michael
cheeky speaks

What do you get when you pair incredible design and style sensibility with a hot new Bravo show? You get Jay Michael, star of 100 Days of Summer and “life architect” (this might be our new favorite phrase), who took the time to chat with Cheeky about all things career and personal style (with a good dose of Chicago’s hit reality show sprinkled in). Cheeky: How did you get started in the design business? Jay Michael: Calling myself a designer always felt unnatural. I think my life’s work is more about understanding the way ordinary people (like myself) live, and empowering them with the tools to live extraordinary lives. Although it’s part …  Read more

The James Hotel’s Little Secret

Sip Cocktails at JIMMY, The James' Secret Lounge

January 28, 2014

Us Cheeky girls know how to keep a secret but today we are spilling the beans. Did you know The James Hotel has a hidden lounge with incredible cocktails, where celebrities have been known to frequent? Meet JIMMY, James’ secret alter ego. The James Hotel is famous for their top rated steak restaurant, David Burke’s Primehouse, as well as their newest venture, Burke’s Bacon Bar – a “grab and go sandwich shop” involving all things bacon. However, tucked behind this tiny sandwich stand is a door that blends in with the wall. Most would simply never notice, or give it a second glance. But behind this entrance is where their best-kept …  Read more

Get Cheeky with Celebrity Athletes

Athlete Parties Heat Up as Cubs and Blackhawks Host Back-to-Back Fundraisers in January

January 14, 2014

If you’re a gal who loves her sports as much as she loves her nightlife, the next few weeks of celebrity athlete-hosted parties are worth the long, dark days of winter. As Chicago’s bustling charity season kicks off, some of Chicago’s favorite Blackhawks and Cubs are in line to host the hottest parties of the season. One of the great things about being a Chicago sports fan is that we get the chance to party with our favorite athletes who seem to enjoy throwing parties as much as we love attending them. Not a month goes by in Chicago without a notable current or former Chicago athlete hosting a fundraising event …  Read more