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Downtown Dining Must: Terrace on Clark

By: Debra Lipson

June 30, 2014
cheeky speaks

Restaurants in the loop tend to toe a thin line: Either they’re packed with power suits stuffing themselves on greasy grub, or they charge an exorbitant amount for miniscule portions. I finally found a middle ground between indulgent bites and healthy, hefty portions at Terrace on Clark! My bestie and I popped in to the 100-seat spot on a rainy Wednesday night. The all-day restaurant and bar was slowly filling up with the  usual happy hour crowd by 6 p.m. Sadly, the night’s torrential monsoon diminished our plans to lounge on the gorgeous outdoor patio (it’s one of the largest in the loop)! Definitely on our to-do list. Instead, we opted …  Read more

Get Fresh

Evolution Fresh Cold-Pressed Juices Available at Starbucks!

March 17, 2014

With spring right around the corner, juicing is all the rage. Why not grab that juice when you grab your coffee at Starbucks? Yes, that’s right – our beloved chain is bringing us Evolution Fresh cold-pressed juices, which are organic and non-GMO whenever possible. Cheeky chatted with Kate Schenk, MS, a certified nutritionist at Starbucks to get the skinny on these power-packed juices. Cheeky: What are the benefits of drinking cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice? Kate Schenk: Drinking a cold-pressed green juice provides a great way to get nutrients from fruit and vegetables on-the-go. A single bottle of Evolution Fresh cold‐pressed 100% juice is made from one to two pounds of fruits and/or …  Read more

LYFE Kitchen: Culinary Perfection

By: Danielle Vega

February 10, 2014
LYFE Kitchen
cheeky speaks

Can you believe there’s a restaurant in Chicago where every single dish is under 600 calories and 1000 milligrams of sodium? When I first heard about LYFE Kitchen, I was skeptical. It seemed too good to be true. Now, after eating there a handful of times, I can honestly tell you this place went above and beyond my dream expectations. LYFE Kitchen opened on November 15, 2013 in Chicago’s River North area on the corner of Clark and Hubbard. Though the holiday season might usually be a difficult time for a restaurant to launch, LYFE Kitchen has flourished in Chicago from the start. This restaurant aims to meet the biggest unmet …  Read more