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Calories: Quality Not Quantity

By: Michele Gelman

August 18, 2014
Cheeky Eats

I am going to do something radical here for all you girls living in fear of a muffin top — I am going to tell you to STOP COUNTING CALORIES. For years, we have been told that calorie intake minus calorie expenditure equals calories stored. So the solution is to use more willpower, eat less and exercise, right? But this advice just doesn’t work, and Americans are getting hungrier and fatter. Of everything we eat, highly refined and rapidly digestible (high glycemic) carbohydrates (which are all forms of sugar) produce the most insulin. Insulin acts on your brain to increase appetite, especially for sugar. If we make too much insulin, it drives …  Read more

Make it Your Own at MAK

By: Debra Lipson

July 28, 2014
cheeky speaks

Still searching for creative, go-to Chinese food in Chicago? Look no further than MAK! Opened in 2012, the fast-casual Asian fusion restaurant is carving out quite a name for itself in Wicker Park. Owner Tommy Wang serves up Chinese, Japanese and Korean-influenced fare peppered with a personal touch: Recipes are passed down from Wang’s family (his father owned Tien Tsin in the Northern suburbs) and meals are motivated by his cultural heritage. The MAK premise is an eastern riff on the Chipotle assembly line counter model; however it far exceeds a robotic point and pay experience. Order your meal at the register and a friendly MAK employee brings the searing dish to …  Read more

Downtown Dining Must: Terrace on Clark

By: Debra Lipson

June 30, 2014
cheeky speaks

Restaurants in the loop tend to toe a thin line: Either they’re packed with power suits stuffing themselves on greasy grub, or they charge an exorbitant amount for miniscule portions. I finally found a middle ground between indulgent bites and healthy, hefty portions at Terrace on Clark! My bestie and I popped in to the 100-seat spot on a rainy Wednesday night. The all-day restaurant and bar was slowly filling up with the  usual happy hour crowd by 6 p.m. Sadly, the night’s torrential monsoon diminished our plans to lounge on the gorgeous outdoor patio (it’s one of the largest in the loop)! Definitely on our to-do list. Instead, we opted …  Read more