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Food Rx Raw Foods: Your Prescription to Health

Revel in JuiceRx's New Line of Raw Foods!

September 17, 2014

As summer fades to fall, it’s hard to keep the healthy food train going. There are casseroles and cream-based soups demanded to be eaten, and thick, warm brownies drowned in fudge. While we transition to cooked foods as the weather cools, our bodies have to work extra hard to digest all this fatty fare. It becomes less about nutrition and more about comfort, but there’s a way to throw in some superior nutrition that’s raw, easy to digest and tastes amazing as well. From the creator of the award-winning line of JuiceRx juices, juice cleanses and nut milks, Dean now brings you a full lineup of convenient, on-the-go delicious and healthy raw …  Read more

Bridal Boot Camp Take 3

Session 3 at Leah Chavie Bootcamp

September 17, 2014
Erica Bethe Levin
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Being a bride-to-be has been the most fun time of my life. With just 32 days to go until the big day, all of the marquee celebrations have happened: the bridal shower, the engagement party, a day of fun with the women of Terry’s family teaching me the ins and outs of “becoming a Kane,” and most recently–the bachelorette party. I’ve done my best to take care of myself for all of these functions, but the most important one is just around the corner. To help prepare for the big day, I have had multiple sessions at Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique, testing their waxing, tanning and laser hair removal services. Let’s …  Read more

Cheers to Your Health!

How Alcohol Can Both Hurt and Help Your Health

September 3, 2014
Lisa Payne

Labor Day weekend signals such more than the end of summer. It also becomes a mad rush to get in as much outdoor, warm-weather fun as humanly possible before the snow flies. BBQ-hopping this past weekend was a blast! But the change of seasons may just be a great time for you to slow down and get back on the healthy track. While we love to party it up, sometimes a little too much alcohol can work against your health. And just enough can actually help your heart. Here’s the skinny on wine and beer. Wine Not? If wine is your drink of choice, there are a few things you should know. Wine …  Read more