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Lolla VIP Party Recap

A Peek Inside the Best Lolla Lounges

August 9, 2013
ck one Lounge
Kate Nettenstrom

Lollapalooza has wrapped up its shenanigans for the ninth year in a row at our very own Grant Park, and we’re still recovering from all the music madness. The bands were amazing, the weather perfect and the VIP parties totally bumpin’. Our fave VIP party you ask? Definitely the ck one color Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel. Located conveniently just a few blocks north of the festival, it was the perfect place to take a break from the crazy crowds without missing out on great music. Guests were treated to manicures, tasty drinks, ck one makeup samples and even ping pong tables to play with the artists. When fun synth-pop throwback trio …  Read more

Stargate to the Rescue

The Song Machine Strikes Again with Marina & The Diamonds

September 7, 2012

Welsh recording artist Marina & The Diamonds teamed up with composers and beat programmers Tor Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen to create the smash hit “Radioactive” on sophomore album Electra Heart. Professionally known as Stargate and originally hailing from Norway, Hermansen and Eriksen are two of the most in demand songwriters and producers across the world (think Rihanna, Karmin, Britney Spears). We chatted with Marina some more. Cheeky: The songs on Electra Heart were teased into life on your (£100) keyboard and sung into your laptop in the back of your tour bus bedroom. Do you play the demos for producers who then build the tune up around your melody and words? With Liam …  Read more

Marina & The Diamonds Presents Electra Heart

Long-Awaited Album Doesn’t Disappoint

August 3, 2012

Watch out, ladies. Marina Diamandis is a homewrecker and proud of it. No shame, no gain. The singer-songwriter and solitary member of Marina & The Diamonds dove headfirst into her headlining set at Park West with the haughty spoken-word “Homewrecker,” a new track from her much delayed sophomore release Electra Heart. “Now Chicago, are you ready for a costume change?” Once the Welsh alternative pop star slipped into a long lace negligee/robe, it was time for a Beyoncé-type request: “Can we put my fan a little closer? Thank you, that’s perfect.” “Oh Chicago, you are brilliant,” stated the singer after emerging from darkness. “This is a made-to-order from the Electra Mart.” Donning …  Read more