The Three Week Rule

My Year-Long Journey

August 3, 2011
Lauren Shapiro

A friend of mine once told me that in every new situation, you must give yourself three weeks to adjust before making any rash decisions. A new job, a new relationship, a new city, state, country, they all require 21 days of reflection before deciding your next move. For me, the three week rule went into place after moving to Chicago. Though I was born and raised in the northern suburbs, a move is still a move. It was different and new and – in the midst of all the excitement – was the great unknown and a general state of fear. So I gave it three weeks. And I survived. I gave …  Read more

Big Today, Gone Tomorrow

It's Okay to be Down, But Don't be Out

April 13, 2011
Lyndsay Rush

I’d like to tell you a story. It is not exciting, daring or even sexy (killer hook, right?). But it happened to me and it taught me something (which, I’m told, counts). It takes place not at a seaport, or carnival, or clifftop, but at a run-of-the-mill coffee house (riveting so far, eh?). The details of the story are actually unimportant, I now realize. Let’s just say that after a day full of “seriously?!?!?” and “really?!” I had a frustrating run in with my computer. Just when I had some serious deadlines. As a disclaimer, I realize this is very small on the “serious pain and heartache” scale, but the lesson remains, nonetheless. So there I …  Read more

I am a Monster

Surviving Your Family Around the Holidays

December 1, 2010
Lyndsay Rush

I am a monster. Don’t try and talk me down from this one, it’s true. At least around the holidays, or rather, around my family I am. It’s like there’s some sort of sick “anything goes” that kicks in when you are around people that are blood-bound to love you no matter what. When I’m around my parents and siblings, I almost instantly revert right to child-like behavior. Let’s just say I may or may not have yelled, “I’m not going and you can’t make me!” at one point over Thanksgiving. As my friend Clare puts it, “Being around family is like looking in a mirror and wanting to punch it.” And it’s true. Adding to …  Read more