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Cheeky’s New Country Chick You Oughta Know

Singer/Songwriter Cam Debuts “Down This Road”

January 17, 2014

Camaron Ochs may not be a household name, but this country artist has accomplished a rare feat that many stars can’t boast about. She not only released her debut single “Down This Road” via iTunes in December, but earlier this month the song made it onto rotation at Nashville’s New Country: The BIG 98 WSIX. WSIX-FM is the radio station you want broadcasting your music if you are an upcoming singer/songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee. Having a slice of that prime radio real estate means competing for airtime with names such as Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan. It was actually the promise of being added to the station’s rotation that …  Read more

Lissie: I Don’t Listen to My Songs

Lissie Plays Park West on Black Friday

November 29, 2013

Rock Island, Illinois native Lissie (born Elisabeth Corrin Maurus) will be headlining Chicago’s Park West on Friday, November 29th in support of this year’s LP Back To Forever. The folk rock singer/songwriter took a breather while on the road to chat with CheekyChicago. If you can tell by all the laughter, it appears that Lissie was in very good spirits while pondering our questions. But beware dear reader, whatever you do, do not compare her to Lenny Kravitz or Ellie Goulding. Cheeky: A lot of songs sound like they would be impossible to pull off live. Does your live show factor into the writing process?  Lissie: No, but it should because I’ll …  Read more

How Does P!NK Feel This Good Sober?

P!NK's Truth About Love Tour Hits Chicago

November 15, 2013

How does P!NK feel this good sober? By flying hundreds of feet in the air over thousands of adoring fans in gold sequined heels, of course! As more of a P!NK fan via radio, I knew many of her hits from “The Truth About Love” album and was excited to see the show. Little did I know that the extravaganza I was about to witness would make me giggle and squeal like a teen with a major girl crush. The show opened inconspicuously with P!NK’s sidekick and ringmaster of ceremonies, Rubix Von Füchenhürtz. He maneuvered throughout the crowd, posing for photos, licking the heads of unsuspecting bald men and sipping beers …  Read more