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Meet Sliva: Chicago’s Own Music Prodigy

At 15, Jacob Silverstein Charts On iTunes With a Best-Selling EDM Album

May 23, 2014

“I didn’t even think about it. It never crossed my mind that I could be charting on iTunes,” said fifteen-year-old Jacob Silverstein — or Sliva, as he’s known in the EDM (electronic dance music) world — of his newly released album, Fate, which hit the top 36 EDM album on iTunes on its second day of release. “I went to check on Avicii’s ranking, then I started scanning and was really surprised when I saw mine on the charts.” Trending on iTunes. Not bad for a high school freshman. And Sliva is just as humble as he is talented. When I asked him what he thought of Fate, he smiled and said, “It’s my …  Read more

“Two Weeks Worth” of Music

Back with the Best New Music

August 16, 2013
Two Weeks Logo
Kate Nettenstrom

“Two Weeks Worth” is back with the freshest new music your ears have been craving. This installment falls a little on the mellow side, but what it lacks in pump it more than makes up for in soul. It was hard to pick just a few favorite tracks to highlight but it had to be done. Here are my top picks in new music from “Two Weeks Worth 8/16.” Oh Land’s “Renaissance Girls” is the first single to be released from her upcoming third album, Wish Bone. The chorus is simple and catchy, but hidden behind a percussive heavy beat are deeper musings on what it means to be a woman …  Read more

Goldford’s “Shed a Little Light” Is A Summer Must

Sometimes raspy vocals and a guitar are all you need

August 9, 2013
Goldford Album Cover
Kate Nettenstrom

Don’t give up on summer yet! August may be flying by but we know a sure bet to keep that summer vibe flowing. Jeffrey David Goldford’s album, Shed a Little Light, is wonderful music to float through the rest of your summer haze. “Ray of Sunshine” opens the album and is exactly that. As the track opens I am immediately reminded of Sly and the Family Stone. The music is an awesome soulful mix of keyboard, horns and tambourine that sets the stage for Goldford’s raspy entrance. Singing lyrics of the lovesick, Goldford pleads “I just want my ray of sunshine that knows that I deserve it.” The song is a …  Read more