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Real Talk with Found’s Chef Nicole Pederson

Get the Dish on Food & Wine People's Best New Chef Nominee!

March 31, 2014
Nicole Pederson
Ashley Gilday
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Chef Nicole Pederson of Found Kitchen and Social House in Evanston, IL has been nominated for Food & Wine People’s Best New Chef in the Great Lakes region. Nicole is among other very talented chef contenders (and just happens to be the only female in the Great Lakes region who is nominated). Cheeky had the chance to talk with Nicole about her professional kitchen experience, how she took the news of being a nominee and her go-to cocktail. Cheeky: You are the only female nominee for the Great Lakes region’s Food & Wine People’s Best New Chef. That is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations. How did you receive the news that you …  Read more

Seeing Double with Brooklyn-Based Lucius

The Best Band You've Never Heard!

March 21, 2014

Since the release of their first full-length album Wildewoman on NYC-based indie record label Mom + Pop Music, Brooklyn quintet Lucius has been building quite a buzz in the music industry. Their debut album is stacked with stomp-worthy percussion, pop-driven melodies and retro girl-band harmonies. In September 2013, Rolling Stone called them “the best band you may not have heard yet.” But that’s changing, thanks to a packed tour schedule and an abundance of recent press coverage. Lucius is quickly becoming a household name in the indie pop faction. The band, fronted by vocalists Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, recently announced a national spring tour with Tegan and Sara, followed by a string of East …  Read more

Juan Pablo’s Bachelor Finale

The Episode Where We Can't Decide Who to Hate the Most

March 14, 2014

7:00pm: Chris Harrison welcomes us from a live studio audience to “the most SHOCKING Bachelor finale… EVER!” Yeah, yeah. Devil Harrison says the same thing every finale, but this time he may be right. (If by “shocking” he meant we would want to take a shower afterwards to clean off the yuck.) 7:05: We are whisked away to beautiful St. Lucia, where Clare will finally meet Juan Pablo’s family. 7:06: Juan Pablo informs us that he is anxious to “keep an eye on Clare” to see if she’s the one. Gross. 7:07: “Juan Pablo was so hot with his daughter.” – Clare. I’ll just let that one sit there. 7:09: It’s time for Clare to …  Read more