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Jillian Conley Dishes on Sex, Love, & Timing

Author and Chicago Personality Sits Down to Chat on Love, Her Latest Book and What's Next

November 27, 2014

“My career is where it is because of the lessons I’ve learned. I failed English and that inspired me to become a writer. I failed a relationship and that inspired me to write about love, dating, timing and sex,” said author Jillian Conley as we sat at Rise Sushi, sipping on pinot grigio, shaking off the fall chill. And write about those things she did. In her latest book, Loving Mr. Wright, Conley wraps up the novella series of Audrey Buchanan, a spunky woman who’s on the search for love. Failing high school freshman English was a true turning point in Conley’s life. When she returned sophomore year, Conley had determination that turned …  Read more

What Is, Isn’t

Indulge in a Mixed Media Exhibit at the Alan Koppel Gallery!

November 10, 2014
Coco Meers

Perception vs. reality. It’s one of Bill Shakespeare’s most well-explored themes, but this universal tension is arguably more relevant in our high-tech age when digital media disseminates new realities (or perceptions) with the tap of a button. A wildly popular mixed media exhibit at the Alan Koppel Gallery offers a post-modern twist to the age-old truth that what you see usually isn’t what you get. Extended through November 14th, this is your last week to sneak a peek and have a think about what is…and isn’t. Curated by Megan Green and Anne Huntington, What Is, Isn’t showcases nine artists, each featuring his or her own interpretation of the show’s theme. Don’t …  Read more

Sweeney Todd at Stage 773 Chicago

The Demon of Fleet Street Visits Chicago

October 31, 2014
Kit Graham

Looking to celebrate the spookiness of Halloween without dressing up? Pay a visit to the demon barber of Fleet Street and see the Porchlight Music Theater’s production of Sweeney Todd. The theater company has assembled a remarkably talented cast who brings Stephen Sondheim’s musical tale of a murderous London barber to life. While it can be hard to sell men on the idea of seeing a musical, Sweeney Todd is exactly the type of musical men love. It is a dark story, filled with betrayal, violence and murder. Women may be more interested the secondary storyline of Anthony and Johanna–young lovers trying to find a way to be together. The songs are …  Read more