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Stop Bed Mites!

Top Tips for Linen Care!

August 14, 2014
Lakesha Rose

I was recently on WGN giving tips on how to get rid of (and prevent) bed mites. (Try not to itch too much during the video.) Mattress : A mattress should be changed every five to ten years Vacuum mattress to keep out dust mites Covering your mattress and pillows in vinyl or allergy-barrier covers that zip closed will insure that mites don’t burrow in your mattress or pillows. It will keep your sheets mite-free a bit longer. Pillow: Keep pillows in vinyl or allergy-barrier covers Vacuum or wash pillows (Some experts even recommend putting the pillows in the freezer.) Bedsheets: People shed skin cells that dust mites feed on Sheets should be washed once a week even if your …  Read more

Showhouse Shindig

Gracious House Designer Showhouse

August 7, 2014
Susan Brunstrum

Get ready to party! Tickets are now available for the opening night reception Thursday, September 11 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for the inaugural Gracious House Designer Showhouse in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. For details, visit  Join us and be among the first to see the transformation of this charming, three-level brick brownstone, located at 4035 N. Hermitage Ave. It will be the culmination of months of creative effort by the Sweet Peas Design team and five other Chicago area designers. We hope you’ll love our family room! There will be cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and everyone can meet and mingle with architects, designers and other interior design aficionados. Tickets are $100 and …  Read more

Your “Rad” Summer

Branch Out this Summer with an Amstel Radler!

July 17, 2014

Summer. If you live in Chicago, you know summer is that magical time when people come out in droves to soak up the sun, fun and endless possibilities our city has in store. From festivals to lounging on the beach, we’ve got our new fave summer accessory: the Amstel Radler. The Amstel Radler is a mix of beer, lemon juice and natural ingredients. Think delicious beer meets sparkling lemon water. In a word? Refreshing. If your summers consist of going to farmers’ markets or hitting the same five restaurants for cocktails, shake off the ordinary and try out our three fun, new picks instead. Your Rad Summer Itinerary 1. Road trip to Michigan  Michigan is just …  Read more