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Ooh Baby, Baby! ‘Freeze’ Your Fertility Through EggBanxx

By: Jen Pircon

July 10, 2014
cheeky speaks

Browse eHarmony hoping the Internet will lead you one click away from single to taken. Climb the corporate ladder clocking in 50 plus hours a week. Mingle at bars and in line at the grocery store searching for Mr. Right. Travel two or three times a month for business. It’s 2014, and the constant demands and motions of relationships and work life have heightened. With biological clocks ticking away, the balance between management and a man is more difficult to handle than ever. Don’t worry, ladies. Cheeky has your next plan of action to make your browsing, climbing, mingling and traveling less stressful. So what’s the next move? Freeze your eggs. Don’t …  Read more

Calling All Active Chicago Families: May 10th is National Family Playdate Day

Ideas for Active Family Fun Here in Chicago

May 1, 2014
Sara R. Fisher And Caitlin Murray Giles
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Doesn’t it feel good to finally see the sun after our brutal winter? Our family is eager to break free from our snow and sub zero temp-induced hibernation and get outside to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. We’re taking advantage of every warm, sunny day before the cold and snow return again next fall (an unfortunate inevitability). We’ve got our calendar marked for National Family Playdate Day on Saturday, May 10, 2014, which is all about spending time together as a family. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Our family is very involved in sports. This spring, we have kids playing volleyball, soccer, baseball and softball. For us, a family playdate involves some sort of sporting …  Read more

(Family) Fun in the Sun!

Top Three Family-Friendly Activities for Summer Months!

April 24, 2014
cheeky speaks

As the weather heats up (finally!), families are flocking outside for fun activities. In case you were stuck inside with your little one all winter, you know how important getting outside can be for parent-child bonding time (and mental sanity). But what about those scorching days when it’s just too hot to go outside? Try for some family-friendly fun that never goes out of style. But for now, before the 90-degree weather, kiss the indoors goodbye, and opt for one of our top three faves for outdoor life. Picnics Heading out of the house to enjoy food and drink is commonly equated with hitting a restaurant, but picnics allow families to spread their wings and …  Read more