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Dear Designer…

See Through Sass

by Stacey Cohen – March 23, 2011

Dear Designer…

I am looking for dining room chairs to go with a rustic table – any thoughts on Lucite?




I couldn’t endorse this idea more.  I say go for it.  I can’t get enough of acrylic furnishing.  There is such a fun sass and quirk to it.  It’s like an inside joke, and if you get it, you are that much more fun!

To get a little nerdy – design note 101 is: Lucite is trademarked by DuPont.  They invented the material back in the 1930s.  Only items made by them can actually be called “Lucite.”  So for design integrity, we will further refer to it as “acrylic” furniture and move on to the answer.

The key is to make sure the chairs have a high enough back and thick enough profile so the table doesn’t drown out the chair.  You want the chair and table to have a really nice balance to them.  The more rustic the table, the shinier the chairs will look in contrast.

Once you start with the chairs, you may be tempted to accessorize with more and more acrylic.  Give into the temptation.  I can’t over-endorse enough the importance of bringing that humor into your home.

While I have found one of the best acrylic furniture stores to be in the way way back of Boca Raton’s sample flea market, there are an abundance of online sources.  And while I do love vintage finds – acrylic can chip – so if you find them second hand, make sure to give them a second look before buying.

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