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Hungry for Love? Coffee. Meet Bagel.

Love So Easy to Find, You Might as Well Look in Your Own Kitchen

by Jess Piet – May 16, 2013

Tick. Tick. Tick. Bam.

It’s that mini-magical moment in your busy Chicago workday. The noon hour has struck and it’s time for a pick-me-up. What kind of bagel might you get today?

There is a place that begs this question in a whole new way, minus the calories and the carbs. Now that you’re paying attention, may we introduce:!

Coffee Meets Bagel was founded by three New York-gone-San-Fran sisters: Arum, Dawoon and Soo Kang who too often wondered, “Where are all the good ones?” After baking a fresh batch of matchmaking answers with gobs of girl power and brains to boot, Coffee Meets Bagel was born.

This free service, naturally built from a woman’s perspective, uses your social network to make dating easy. It connects to Facebook to provide you with a daily match based on your friends-of-friends, without any ability to post to your wall or update any activity. Your snacking experience is yours alone (although your friends will love the yummy deets!).

Each day at noon, emails with an exclusive match (aka “Bagel”) curated just for you. You then have 24 hours to “Like” or “Pass.” Mutual “Likes” are connected via text on a private Coffee Meets Bagel phone number. You can take it from there and enjoy a date on your accord. It’s refreshing and pressure-free.

Whether you’re the Latte or Cappuccino type, Coffee Meets Bagel has the Cinnamon Raisin or Everything you’ve been waiting for. Say goodbye to stressful dating sites and hello to sweet, steamy locals as supercool as you. Sip on that, Chicago singles!

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