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3 Simple Ways to Turn Closet Duds into Dollars

Recycling Those Old Clothes

by Kari Radjewski – April 10, 2013

You did the quintessential spring cleaning closet cleanse…so, now what?  The “toss” pile is folded, ready to go and staring you down – the question is: what do you do with it?

No matter what, don’t throw it in the garbage. You may have gotten the max use of your purchase, but ladies – the buck doesn’t stop here. Old clothes are the prime example of trash turned to treasure. Believe it or not, all of that “junk” could be a rich investment in the environment, your bank account or a child’s healthy future (yes – I went there!!). With that, here are a few of the friendliest ways to rid your former fashions:

Repurpose unwanted clothes

H&M’s Long Live Fashion Initiative – In efforts to be environmentally friendly, H&M is now accepting clothing donations. For each bag donated, you will receive a voucher discount of 15% towards your next purchase. Items are then transported to a nearby processing plant to recycle textiles into new products; from cleaning cloths to energy resources; the goal is zero waste.

Because I Shop Too Much ( – Can I get an “Amen?” This online social-media marketplace is not only a resource to sell unwanted items, but swap and purchase new-to-you replacements. Simply create an account, list your duds, and turn them into dollars! Keep the sale in your control and pocket over 90% of the profits! – Using fashion for goodwill, Closet Angels turns your unwanted designer items into monetary donations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. With shipping supplies provided, all you need to do is pack up your pile and send it off to the Closet Angels ladies; upon assessing items, they email you a tax deductible receipt [so easy, you guys]. Using their fashion expertise, goods are resold, turning hand-me-downs into money to prevent and benefit childhood illness.

Oh, did I mention BISTM and Closet Angels are created by some of Chicago’s finest? Cheeky, eh? For more information about each program, visit their linked website in the text above.

(Photo Credit: jordan23queen via Flickr)

About the Author: Kari Radjewski

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