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Cheeky’s Exclusive Interview with Santigold…

The Master of Her Own Make Believe Gets Cheeky

by Jessica Zweig – June 15, 2012

Oh snap! Last night Fader Magazine and vitaminwater hosted “uncapped”: a super rad, exclusive party bringing together Chi-town’s hottest hipsters while boasting performances by Wale and perhaps our personal favorite… Santigold. If you didn’t get access, don’t fret. The good news: Cheeky scored the chance for a last-minute interview with the indie-rapper-glam-girl-extraordinaire… and she couldn’t have been cooler.

(Would you expect anything less?)

Check out our one-on-one with the official Master of Her Own Make Believe and see why you should geek out about her as much as we do.

Cheeky: Will tonight’s Fader uncapped performance be a solid mix of old and new and can we expect any surprises?

Santigold: It’s a pretty balanced mix of old and new stuff. Our set is only about 45 minutes, so the challenge is to find what’s from the old record and keep it fresh with the newer songs. We have lots of choreography, costume changes and really great props. I love props. My goal is to make it like a musical production. Not a high school musical…let’s be clear…but a cool musical.

Cheeky: Do you have a personal favorite track off of your latest album “Master of My Make Believe”?

Santigold: No I don’t. It’s hard to say a favorite. Each song is a favorite for a short time. But there’s one song that stands out as the most unique: “The Riot’s Gone.” It’s a ballad and I don’t really write ballads. I wrote it on the piano, so it’s by far the most unique to me from a writing point of view.

Cheeky: Who/what influences your own (awesome, I might add) personal style?

Santigold: I love being comfortable. Unless I have to be at a special occasion, I’m all about being comfortable. I strive to find the fun in some way with fashion. Sometimes clothes can be like toys and it feels so crazy to get dressed up wearing toys. I define it as “glam music style.” I love color, make-up and jewelry. I look at it like a collage, taking a bunch of pieces and putting them together in a way that makes sense to you. It’s the same process of how I write my music.

Cheeky: What albums are you currently listening to right now?

Santigold: My band’s theme song is called “Don’t Like” by Chief Keith off of House Arrest. He’s a 17-year old-kid from Chicago. I like “Don’t Like” and what it’s about because I’m kind of a hater myself and I don’t like a lot of things either so that song resonates. I love Beach House. I’m still getting familiar with their new record, but their old record was a staple for me. I’m also really digging old school hip-hop like, Shelly Thunder and the DOC. And there’s this song by  Blood Orange called “S’coold” that I’m really into.

Cheeky: We’re so excited that you’re back in Chicago, tonight and for Lollapalooza! Tell us your thoughts on our Cheeky city. Where do you like to hang out, eat out and shop?

Santigold: I love Chicago. It’s a really pretty city. It feels similar to the East Coast, with the beautiful architecture. Each show we’ve done has been a different environment. It’s nice to spend some time here. I love shopping. They have a ton of home décor places here, which is my thing and most people don’t know that. Last time I was here, I went into Bloomingdales thinking I was going to find myself a pair of shoes, only to find it was the home store. I freaked out. I found my bed at the Chicago Bloomingdales home store!

Last night, we all went Ja’ Grill in Lincoln Park. It is delicious Jamaican food – it really was amazing. I’m always looking for new places but that’s my new spot in Chicago.