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Cheeky Interviews the Stars of “The Dilemma”

Ron, Winona, Vince and Channing Get Cheeky-With-It

by Rachel Gillman – January 11, 2011

In the new movie The Dilemma opening January 14, Chicago’s very own Vince Vaughn shares the screen with Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly, Winona Ryder, Channing Tatum and Queen Latifah. Directed by Ron Howard, the film centers on the ultimate decision – do you tell your best friend after discovering his wife is unfaithful? While the question wasn’t answered on the red carpet, CheekyChicago did get a chance to chat with the stars about everything from gay electric cars to marital advice.

First up: Ron Howard.

Cheeky: What was the best part of working with this cast?

Ron Howard: The creativity, the invention and this kind of spirit of excitement and where these scenes could go. And not only comedically, but also in terms of the real humanity of it and the heart. We’ve got some funny stuff that as a director, I’m really proud of. So many of the best, hottest laughs came out of these moments of improv, these bursts of invention. For me, as a creative person, that was really thrilling and I think all the actors loved that.

Cheeky: How do you pick a winning script?

RH: It’s really to me about the characters and the situation – is there something fresh? One of the reasons it’s been so many years since I made a comedy is that I wasn’t finding comedy stories that I thought were fresh. This one is such a cool ride for the audience with twists and turns, so in addition to all the laughs these great comedy actors are able to generate, it’s also a good ride for the audience.

Cheeky: Were you surprised by the controversy from the line “electric cars are gay” in the trailer?

RH: No, not really. Popular entertainment is meant to – among other things – stir conversation, test boundaries and even push buttons. It’s up to the individual filmmakers to try to decide whether they think what they’re doing is appropriate for the story. Not everybody is always going to agree, but over my career I’ve always tried to take the characters and story into account first and foremost and know that not everything the character says or does is a reflection of my morality or judgment. In fact, often it isn’t. But that’s what stimulates the conflict and compels the story.

Vince Vaughn The Dilemma

Vince Vaughn ran into Cheeky on the red carpet.

Second: Vince Vaughn made his way over to CheekyChicago.

Cheeky: Tell me about your new film…

Vince Vaughn: The movie’s really about a friendship and the question in The Dilemma is not “do you tell or don’t tell,” but how do you tell your friend something that he needs to hear when he’s not in a place to hear it. How do you do that? So that becomes the comedy and also with Ron [Howard], it’s a really good movie.

Cheeky: As a Chicagoan, what are you most proud of in the city?

VV: The people – the people here are the best.

Cheeky: Do you have a favorite pizza place?

VV: It’s hard – there are too many good ones. I eat at too many of them – I keep trying to figure out which one it is.  It’s hard to find a bad meal in Chicago.

Cheeky: What was the best part about shooting in your hometown?

VV: It’s nice – with having a family, too – it’s nice to be able to come home and not be away for three months. That part is great. I also have a lot of friends and family here, too.

Cheeky: What is the next direction you want to take after this film?

VV: I don’t know – just looking forward to being a dad. I’m proud of this movie, it turned out great and audiences are responding really well to it.

Winona Ryder The Dilemma

Winona Ryder got Cheeky-with-it on the red carpet.

Third: Winona made her way over.

Cheeky: How was working with Natalie Portman in Black Swan?

Winona Ryder: Natalie is like a precious gem to me. I’m so happy for her – I’m so thrilled for what’s happening right now. She really deserves it.

Cheeky: Any favorite shopping spots while you were in Chicago?

WR: There was a mall in the hotel! Anytime I needed anything I didn’t even have to leave the building. There’s also this one part of town with all this vintage stuff – Wicker Park – that was fun. I really liked it.

Fourth: Channing Tatum popped by.

Cheeky: Do you have any marital advice?

Channing Tatum: She’s always right.

** Cheeky agrees wholeheartedly with this statement. **

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