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Cheeky Book Club: Gone Girl

Required Reading

by Caitlin Morrissey – October 18, 2012

People have always said, “Just when you think you know someone…they go and do _________.” But really…

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn touches on the flaws and complexity of personality. Do we really know the people we are closest to? Do we really know ourselves? Do we pretend to be who we are for other people, for society?

It’s the morning of Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth anniversary. Amy’s in the kitchen cooking crepes, Nick is making reservations for dinner. It’s just a typical morning. Until the big surprise. And it’s not a good one.

Amy is gone when Nick comes home. The house is out of sorts, there are signs of struggle and everyone is asking, “Where is Amy, Nick?” The cops are closing in, and who is the prime suspect? Of course, it’s the husband. As the media, the neighborhood and the cops are all trying to figure out where Amy is, what is Nick doing? Simply making every mistake he can and giving the cops more reason to place him as the main suspect. Just as you think you know what is happening, Flynn throws another curveball.

The characters are devilishly engrossing. Their voices, as each chapter flips from Nick to Amy, envelop the reader, causing surprising shifts in the plot. The twists, the bone chilling prose and lethal characters are all part of Flynn’s genius. Think of it as a typical marriage, gone completely wrong. Everything you need from a suspense is there. The questions, uncertainty, sex, betrayal and love – all seducing you into this captivating narrative.

My only complaints were towards the few moments when I found myself losing interest and the ending. While the majority of the book is full of page-turners, there were a few lulls I found myself flipping through. While I enjoyed the relaxed, unique tone, the voice is so relaxed that it makes it an easy read, but loses some of the suspense. The ending leaves a few loose ends, which can discourage a reader and left me feeling somewhat bitter. However, I realized the whole of the book was worth the read. It is rivetingly twisted and surprising in an extremely unexpected way, making me literally drop my jaw. It is worth reading because the overall effect is enthralling.

The epic story of change and personality is not one I’ll soon forget. Flynn’s razor sharp prose and truly unique story is astounding. I’d give it an “A” overall.

About the Author: Caitlin Morrissey

Caitlin is CheekyChicago's Editorial and Social Media Assistant. Graduating from Indiana University in May of 2012 (GO HOOSIERS!), Caitlin moved back to her hometown outside of Chicago to pursue a career in writing and editing. With a LOVE for Chicago, writing and reading, Cheeky is the perfect fit for Caitlin to discover and enhance her passions.