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Celeb Sightings at Lolla

Celebs flocked to Chicago for after-parties and more

by cheeky speaks – August 8, 2012

Let’s face it, Lollapalooza weekend equals Chicago on steroids. With all the pre-games, tailgates, post-parties and DJ sets, I’d say we are all still a little tired. But besides bringing out the best parties in Chicago, Lolla also draws an incredible amount of celebs to enjoy our city for the ultra hyperactive weekend.

Nellcote was one of the hottest spots last weekend for celebrities. The Euro-chic restaurant hosted rad artist access after-parties Friday through Sunday till 2am each night. No wonder they kept the party going all weekend: they had some amazing guests even before Lolla officially kicked off.

The celeb sightings started off there with a bang (in others words, Perry Farrell himself was there with his fam last Wednesday night) and kept on going (Paul Sevigny deejayed on Friday night) and going (Chris Masterson and DJ Adam 12 deejayed Satuday) and going (Gary Clark Jr. was spotted hanging there Sunday).

Nellcote had even more ins, like hosting Florence + the Machine’s after-party Sunday, with guitarist Rob Ackroyd and drummer Chris Hayden deejaying. Even after the band completely rocked out at Lolla earlier that day (shy little Flo herself ran into the crowd!), they were still up for more.

Just across the river, the Hard Rock Hotel was also bursting with celebs. The hotel hosted three different events – the ck onecolor Music Lounge during the days, ck one Rock the Vote Nights and It’s so Miami Oasis lounge – that brought out the celebs in full party mode.

Rapper B.o.B. was hanging at the It’s so Miami lounge with his childhood friends from Atlanta. How darling. Nothing like bringing it back to your roots during Lolla weekend. B.o.B. even ran into Kaylee DeFer of Gossip Girl while there.

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul (yes, otherwise known as hottttie Jesse Pinkman) stopped by Hard Rock with his totally adorbs fiancée Lauren Parsekian before heading out to the fields of Lolla to see M83. (May I say, nice choice, Aaron!)

Actress Jenny McCarthy, one of Chicago’s very own, stopped by Hard Rock during the daytime to do some pre-Lolla prettying up. Jenny, who picked a poppin’ pink color for her lips to go with her smashing orange dress, just moved back to the Chicago area with her son. First coming back to Chicago and next hitting up Lolla? I may be biased, but this lady sure does know where it’s at.

So another Lolla weekend in the books. (Facebook, that is.) Sighhh… go ahead, flip through those tagged pics, watch Lollapalooza’s official vids and try to relive it if you can. Hey, maybe you can even take this weekend as a chance to wind back down? Not that you Cheeky girls will, but just a suggestion!

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