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Catch Them While You Can: Band Called Catch

Chicago's Own

by Amanda Troop – July 13, 2012

Band Called Catch is one of the hottest jam-band acts this summer. With seven members (yup) and an army of instruments (horns, tambourines, guitars – you name it, they got it), BCC sounds like they’re poised for some serious airplay, even though their songs are more frolic and fun than deep and methodical. Perhaps the best part? They’re from our own fair city.

The band’s been around since 2008 but it’s their latest release, The Story, that caught my ear. In just under 30 minutes, you’ll hear a lot of stories (“When In Rome” is one such story about falling in love, while the title track is a reminder that stories change, depending on who you ask – or maybe who you tell). One thing remains constant: the vivacious energy that permeates the record.

Catch this band while you can – it won’t be long before you’ll be hearing them everywhere (and sharing them with the rest of the country).

You can stream songs from their latest album on their website (if you choose to buy, 20% of the proceeds go to Bright Pink), or catch them live at Hard Rock later this month or Schubas in August.

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