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Braids of Glory

How to Braid Like Your Fave Characters

by Robin Clement – June 27, 2012

Where there are games, there must be braids. HBO hit television series Game of Thrones and cult movie Hunger Games feature artistic braids on their leading ladies. When it’s time to fight, it seems that braids are the best way to tie up your locks – take Princess Leia’s dos in Star Wars. Learn how to get your braid on, best for fighting the summer heat.

Hunger Games – I seem to be hearing the word Katniss a lot, and it doesn’t help that I have a Hunger-holic as a friend. I created the Katniss braid using a Dutch braid, which is a French only you braid under, versus over, one another, resulting in a more chunky look. For those of you who don’t know a French, do a regular braid (with three sections of hair) but keep taking more and more hair from the left, and place in the left most section, and taking more hair from the right, and add to the right most section. Then braid normally, add more hair, braid, and keep repeating. You will need to start from the top left part of your head and work your way down and to the right.

Game of Thrones – This mythical world has dragons and lots o’ braids! White haired Daenerys Targaryen does them all. The easiest is creating four side braids, working toward the back of your head, and either braid them together, or clip them down with pins.

Star Wars - Princess Leia was one of the first braided beauties in film. To mimic the headband style do, braid up, starting from the top of your ear to your middle part. Do this on both sides. Then cross them at the top middle and pin them behind one another to create a seamless look.

See… Braids of Glory.

About the Author: Robin Clement

Sifting through brilliant silhouettes, romantic palettes and imaginative textures evokes a whimsical curiosity. Fashion has always excited Robin - whether piling on beaded necklaces and hosting makeover birthday parties in her 10’s or interviewing strangers about their undergarment style preferences for her college newspaper in her early 20’s.