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Body by Bond, Ashley Bond

LuvaBull Ashley Bond Tells Us How to Stay in Shape and Make a Difference

by Lisa Payne – May 30, 2012

The minute they come onto the basketball court, Luvabulls bring with them a positive energy that take us to our feet and make us want to cheer! On and off the court, Ashley Bond makes us cheer.

A Luvabull for the past five years, Ashley loves the experience the dance team gives to anyone attending the games. “It could be someone’s first game, that one chance to go to a game,” she says. So she puts 110% into every game because as she says, “They’re taking it all in.” With practice twice a week, games and celebrity appearances, Luvabulls are busy representing the Chicago Bulls and serving as incredible role models in the community. Not to mention, they’re all very supportive of one another and they encourage everyone to be as fit and healthy as possible. As a Luvabull, Ashley had the honor of being in a 2011 NBA Opening Day Budweiser commercial with LMFAO and Mark Cuban and also in a Coors Light commercial with former Bears coach Mike Ditka.

In addition to her time dancing up the basketball court, Ashley has her own company, Body by Bond. As a kickass personal trainer and coach, she says “People need to take back their own time.” People can enjoy their workouts and reach their goals. “If you can feel good about yourself, everything falls into place,” she encourages us. A few of Ashley’s specialties include getting brides-to-be and pageant contestants into shape for their big day. She is also the official Miss Illinois USA, and the Miss Illinois Teen USA personal training sponsor. This means she coaches pageant contestants on everything from walking down the runway and getting fit to providing additional support online via email and Skype. To keep herself fit, Ashley loves kickboxing and training with her own personal trainer Donell Watts, owner of BeFIT Chicago. She says, “It’s great to have someone in your corner to motivate you.” With Body by Bond, Ashley will be in your corner every step of the way. “I love my clients. I believe in all of them!”

As if all that wasn’t enough, Ashley is also heavily involved with several charitable organizations. Two organizations that are near and dear to her heart are Bright Pink and the H Foundation. On the committee for Bright Pink’s annual Fab Fest event, Ashley says you get way more out of it than just raising money for breast cancer research: “It’s such a different twist on the normal workout charity event.” The event is a one-day workout extravaganza that raises money for treatment and preventive measures in breast cancer research. “It combines the mind, body and spirit,” she observes. Ashley is also an honorary board member for the H Foundation supporting cancer research (partnered with Northwestern Memorial Hospital). One of her favorite events is the annual tropical-themed Goombay Bash held at Navy Pier in August. This inspirational event raises more than $500,000 in one night!

Get inspired to train hard with Ashley’s fit tips, interviews and motivational videos on and via her blog on Also find her at, on Facebook and on Twitter @BodyByBond.


(Photo Credits: Luvabulls pic by Getty Images)

About the Author: Lisa Payne

If this Cheeky girl could write and work out at the same time, she would! A self-proclaimed multi-tasker, Lisa began teaching fitness classes and personal training while getting her MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.