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From Coffee to Cocktails: Black Bra, White Shirt?

Trendy and Classy or Trashy and Cheap?

by Kari Radjewski – September 19, 2012

While most people say “No way, Jose,” I say “Absofu**inlutely!” Wearing a black bra under a white top has too notorious of a reputation for being a fashion don’t. It’s 2012, ladies. If we’ve burned ‘em and worn ‘em cone shaped, we can certainly let ‘em show through our shirts.

While Amy Winehouse had one-of-a-kind talent, her look isn’t exactly what I’m talking about. Together, black and white can surely be a recipe for disaster; however, there are exceptions to every rule. When done right you create a hip and chic duo, kind of like Heidi Klum and Seal. [Still depressed about that one!]


Whether you prefer to wear the style to coffee or cocktails, here are a few tips to help create your own version of the chic, effortless, cutting edge look:

  • Avoid too small, too fitted tops. Your body should be fully covered without the shirt looking like it was painted on. That screams “trashy.”
  • Say “No” to push-up bras. People should see the bra, not a nip slip. We’re goin’ for haute, not hot mess.
  • Say “Yes” to full coverage and proper support. This is always a requirement, regardless of outfit!
  • Make the black noticeable, but not a distraction. Shirt sheerness should be heavy enough so bra visibility is subtle. This creates sex appeal without looking cheap.
  • Lace embellishments on the bra are great! A delicate, feminine touch to the lingerie softens the overall edgy look. Not to mention, if an accidental peek-a-boo strap is revealed even the bra is fashion-forward.
  • Style the outfit on-purpose, as though you chose a black bra intentionally. Laziness puts you in the Britney-Spears-circa-2006 category.
  • Use minimal, mostly neutral, accessories. The twosome is a statement all on its own. No need to goop it with loads of jewelry and a rainbow of color.

Not so black and white after all, huh? Do I even need to mention both items are wardrobe staples you already own; no extra purchases needed!

Ashley Olsen, Kate Hudson and Anna Kournikova have each worked the ”unthinkable.” Even Sarah Jessica Parker translates the iconic Carrie Bradshaw look into her personal wardrobe. If that doesn’t make you give it a whirl, I don’t know what will?!

Outfit Details

Coffee: Tee / Bra / Bag / Jeans / Loafers

Cocktails: Earrings / Top / Bra / Trousers / Purse / Pumps

About the Author: Kari Radjewski

A Cheeky girl makes a first impression without saying a word. That’s what Kari loves most about fashion; dressing to express the day’s mood and mission. Girly, preppy, hobo or rock 'n’ roll, her style can’t be defined, always channeling inspiration from the runway and translating looks onto the “real way.” You can see more of Kari’s resourceful sense of style and read her quirky anecdotes on her personal blog, Style at a $teal.