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Bill and Giuliana Rancic Chat Cheeky, RPM and Fashion

by Showbiz Shelly – April 5, 2012

Giuliana and Bill Rancic are back for the fifth season of their popular reality show Giuliana and Bill on the Style Network. You can catch the season premiere Tuesday, April 3 at 7pm where the couple addresses everything from opening their new restaurant RPM Italian right here in Chicago to Giuliana’s struggle with breast cancer. I sat down with the couple in what they labeled “their booth” at RPM to chat more about their lives and their show.

Cheeky: You both are always so open with your lives – what can we expect this season on the show?

Bill Rancic: Well, it’s a fun season. It starts out a little raw and a little heavy because we address Giuliana’s cancer and how we handled that.  But after the first episode, it’s building the restaurant and her mother decides to move in with us for a couple months. That’s always a funny little montage with Mama DePandi.

Giuliana Rancic: Bill freaks out because when Bill goes out of town, my mom sleeps in bed with me in our bed…

BR: On my side of the bed.

GR: She’s an Italian woman, so she doesn’t wash her lipstick off or her mascara so Bill comes home and there’s red lipstick all over his pillow…

BR: It’s disgusting.

GR: He gets very upset.

BR: She gets the night sweats.

GR: That is such a lie, she does not get night sweats.  He just says that.  It’s very funny.  She just drives him crazy.

Cheeky: As you mentioned, you talk about some pretty heavy stuff this season as far as your battle with cancer.  Was there ever any hesitation to address that?Giuliana and Bill Rancic Open RPM Italian in Chicago

GR: Yes, absolutely.  At the beginning we were going to keep it private. Then I realized I have this amazing platform working on E! and Fashion Police and working on all these shows where we have so many young female viewers. I thought, gosh, I can use my job and my platform to let these girls know they’re not invincible. I thought I was invincible. At 36, I was diagnosed with no family history so I just want to get that message across to girls. It’s worth it.

BR: We always said we’re going to use our show for good, not evil. A lot of these reality shows, they use them for evil. Over the years we’ve tackled a lot of issues a lot of couples face. We’ve always said we want to let other people know they’re not alone.

Cheeky: Is there anything you guys won’t put on TV?

BR: Yes, we draw the line.

GR: Where do we draw the line?  I’m trying to think.  There’s certain things, but not a lot. A lot of people say we’re the most real reality show and I think it’s because we show so much. But listen, we’re going into our fifth season, our last season was the highest rated ever and we don’t get ratings just out of scandal, which a lot of shows do.

BR: That’s the easy way to do it.

GR: It is easy that way. Ours is tougher but it just shows people do like some positive programming too. And they like shows they can actually relate to their own lives and not flipping over tables.

Cheeky: And getting wasted at clubs…

BR: Well, she does a little bit of that.

GR: Do I in this season?  I’m trying to think [laughing].

Cheeky: Some people would say it’s a curse for couples to do reality shows. How do you guys respond to that?

GR: We were nervous at first. But it didn’t do anything… there were cameras at our wedding and it’s been five years. If anything it’s brought us closer together. It’s kind of amazing. We’re closer today than we’ve ever been… we are best friends first. I was flying in last night and I told Bill I felt like I was coming to visit him for the first time in Chicago. I still get butterflies, I’m still so excited to see him. We have so much fun together, we’re not like that old ball and chain.

Cheeky: As you mentioned, the show this season will document you guys opening RPM. What were the challenges?

GR: Not many.

BR: Just the whole evolution. At first it was do we do Chicago or LA, then do we do a small place or big place?

GR: Oh yeah, there were a lot, I forgot [laughing]. Picking out the outfits was tre importante. They did not see my vision.

BR: Giuliana decided she wanted to take control of what the servers wear and she decided to put on a fashion show here in the restaurant. The first outfit she had was a white Calvin Klein pant suit that was like $1200. And she didn’t want the servers to be carrying pads and papers. She wanted them to carry little clutch purses.

GR: Listen, bottom line, the suits were for the hostesses, not the servers. And I wasn’t going to buy the $1200 suits, those were inspiration. I was going to find a less expensive version. They didn’t get my vision though. They didn’t want her to wear white because they thought they would get dirty. So, anyways, we went head-to-head on the fashion.

Cheeky: Finally, do you like Chicago or LA more?

BR: That’s a rhetorical question.

GR: I love Chicago more. I’m not from LA, I just work there, so I love Chicago. It’s the best city, best energy, best food obviously. So I love it.

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