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Barefoot Contessa Takes a Trip to Napa

The Countess Enjoys Rutherford Hill Wine

by The Cheeky Wine Guide – January 22, 2013

For years I’ve been using the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks. I can’t remember the first recipe that I made, but I do remember that a girlfriend gave me the book as a present, and it really was love at first bite. The spinach gratin, smashed sweet potatoes and apples; oh, and I even tried the popovers.  So, it was with glee – yes glee – that I received the news that Ina Garten, the Contessa herself, was going to be filming one of her television episodes with winemaker Marisa Taylor (you’ve met Marisa here on the pages of Cheeky).

The producers of the show wanted to find an activity for Jeffrey (Ina’s lucky hubby) to do while Ina was busy in Napa; they decided blending wine with Marisa in the caves at Rutherford Hill would be just the thing. Oh, and then Jeffrey presented Ina with the bottle in a vineyard that sits high above the winery – one of those spots that inspire you to say “aaaaahhhhhhhh” right out loud. The show aired on Saturday, but for those Barefoot Contessa fans who missed it, you can watch repeats on the Food Network or download at iTunes – show title is “Good Stuff.”

So I just have to raise a glass – of merlot, of course – to Marisa for making her national television debut. And remember, Rutherford Hill is a perk on your Cheeky Card! Be sure to tell Marisa “congrats!” on your next visit.


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