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Babs to Bewitch Chicago Audiences

Streisand Hits the United Center

by Tiffani Swalley – October 26, 2012

Streisand "Back to Brooklyn" Concert

Who is a legendary EGOT (Emmy-, Grammy-, Oscar- and Tony-Award winner), has 10 Grammys, is voting Democratic and will be performing at the Chicago United Center this Friday? Yes, that Funny Girl herself, Barbra Streisand. I got a chance to check out this iconic lady in her Barbra Back to Brooklyn concert opening weekend and Streisand did not disappoint (duh).

Streisand was admittedly sick with a cold that did affect some of her vocal quality but it didn’t diminish her ability to produce an engaging and exciting concert (I mean, I’ll take Streisand on a bad day rather than some folks on their best day). She hit a set list that included favorites such as “As If We Never Said Goodbye,” “The Way We Were,” “Evergreen,” “Don’t Rain On My Parade” and “People.”

A lavish 60-piece orchestra, bedazzling lights and supporting musicians such as Il Volo, Chris Botti and Jason Gould (Streisand’s son) rounded out the concert to produce a magical evening and a truly theatrical event. Streisand also added personal picture slideshows and videos.

A hilarious moment was a video interview from 1979, in which Streisand’s Brooklyn neighbor says, “She (Streisand) looks pretty good…” a different neighbor interrupts who insists, dryly, “most of the time.”

Streisand and Jason Gould (son) on the set of "Funny Girl"

Streisand had an ease and charm interacting with her audience, catching me off guard by instantly responding to those fans that hollered at her from the dark abyss of the 19,000 seats in the new Barclays Center. “Save your voice!”- Streisand says, “… you are going to go hoarse.” “You came Thursday night, too? Jesus.” “The front row looks unhappy, is it because you paid so much for your tickets?”

There are tickets currently available for Barbra Streisand’s Concert this Friday, October 26 at the Chicago United Center: click here. Streisand’s other upcoming concert cities include: Vancouver, BC; Las Vegas, NV; San Jose, CA; and Los Angeles, CA. For more information, visit Streisand’s official website.

Set list from “Barbra Back to Brooklyn” Concert:

As If We’ve Never Said Goodbye

Nice ‘n’ Easy / That Face

 Smile (with Il Volo)

Un Amore Cosi Grande (Il Volo)

O Sole Mio (Il Volo)

The Way He Makes Me Feel

Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long       

Enough Is Enough

The Way We Were / Through the Eyes of Love

Being Good Is Good Enough
 / Rose’s Turn / Some People / Don’t Rain on My Parade

You’re the Top

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Lost Inside of You- (with Chris Botti)

Evergreen- (with Chris Botti)

Emmanuel (Chris Botti)

When I Fall in Love

How Deep is the Ocean? (with Jason Gould)

This Masquerade (Jason Gould)


Here’s to Life

Make Our Garden Grow (with Brooklyn Youth Chorus)

Some Other Time

About the Author: Tiffani Swalley

Tiffani Swalley watches entirely too much television. When this “Transplanted Southerner” pries herself away for the tube, you’ll find her writing press releases or performing around Chicago…or eating…or eating while doing both.