sara r. fisher and caitlin murray giles

cheeky mamas

Sara R. Fisher and Caitlin Murray Giles wear many hats — moms, marketers, most likely to be first in line at the Nordstrom half-yearly sale — and they wear them all proudly!

Sara is the author of Self-Made Mom. Caitlin pens Wee Windy City and A Hen and Two (now Three) Chicks. In addition, they are also regular contributors at Chicago Parent magazine and well-known figures on the Chicago blogging scene.

While scouting out what’s hip for the mom and kid set in the city, Caitlin and Sara were able to marry their love of writing and networking and 2 Moms Media was born. Their unique perspectives as bloggers, freelance writers, marketer, and modern-day savvy mothers make them ideally situated to do “mom comm” right.

Above all, they love raising their families right here in Chicago and taking advantage of all that the city has to offer. Looking for a spa that offers a one-hour facial that works with your kid’s preschool schedule? Want tips on the best family-friendly beaches? Need advice on where to begin your school search? Wondering where to find the perfect wedge for your new wide-leg trousers? Look no further — you, too, are a Cheeky Mama. Welcome.

These Mamas Are Know-It-Alls (Past Articles)

caitlin's favorite dessert:

"Gelato - any kind, any time."

caitlin's guilty pleasure:

"Sneaking away from dirty laundry, carpool duty and macaroni and cheese lunches to meet my husband for an impromptu weekday lunch date - preferably at Terzo Piano. "

sara's favorite dessert:

"A three-way tie between Dairy Queen, Tiramisu and Sour Patch Kids."

sara's guilty pleasure:

"Sending the kids to my parents for sleepovers."