robin clement

Sifting through brilliant silhouettes, romantic palettes and imaginative textures evokes a whimsical curiosity. Fashion has always excited Robin – whether piling on beaded necklaces and hosting makeover birthday parties in her 10’s or interviewing strangers about their undergarment style preferences for her college newspaper in her early 20’s.

Robin currently spends her days working for a local public relations firm promoting her passion for fashion as well as her other love…food. Along with working in the PR industry, Robin has splashed the pages of a number of Chicago media outlets includingCSTime Out ChicagoDailyCandyChicago ReaderThe Chicago Collection and her own lifestyle

Her current obsessions include food, gourmet cupcakes, HGTV shows, travel and promoting hilarious comedy group Octavarius.

Get Cheeky Chic with Robin (Past Articles)

favorite dessert:

"Cupcakes! I know, I know. Cupcakes are out and donuts and pies are in, but they will always excite my sweet tooth. Molly’s and more are my go-to cupcake shops to fuel my addiction."

guilty pleasure:

"Chick flicks, anything vintage and wedding websites like Style Me Pretty."