rea frey

cheeky vegan

Rea Frey is a lover of food, words and relationships (possibly in that order). She is the author of three books, Power Vegan: Plant-Fueled Nutrition for Maximum Health and FitnessThe Cheat Sheet: A Clue-by-Clue Guide to Finding Out if He’s Unfaithful, and her upcoming book, Detox Before You’re Expecting: A Cleansing Program to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy. As the Associate Editor for CheekyChicago, she lives and breathes all things Cheeky. When she’s not writing, she’s exercising, cooking, attempting to be a good wife (despite massive sleep deprivation) and an even better mother to her toddler, Sophie. You can read more about Rea at

Healthy Eats, Healthy Life with Rea (Past Articles)

favorite dessert:

"Dark chocolate bread pudding."

guilty pleasure:

"Wearing pajamas in the middle of the day."