katelyn finn

cheeky’s slave to the sartorial

Katelyn has had an interest in fashion ever since the ripe old age of four when her mother gave her a dress up box: consisting mainly of old bridesmaid dresses, eclectic 80’s pumps and some serious costume jewelry. Although being the only girl in a family of four, she had very little difficulty tapping into her girly side: if you ask her mother, Katelyn was able to perfectly apply lipstick as a bright eyed two-year-old (unfortunately for her mother, Katelyn dropped the crimson red lip color directly on newly-laid white carpeting….but, hey, beauty is pain!). Being forced to wear a uniform through both grade school and high school didn’t seem to stop her from exploring fashion as a form of self expression, but it wasn’t until college, where she truly came into her own style.

With a life long love of reading coupled with a creative mind with a knack for words (read as: could make conversation with just about anyone who would listen), Katelyn studied English Literature at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Her linguistic focus gave her the opportunity to discover literary genres of all types and truly analyze the process of creative expression. With this interest in the humanities, Katelyn was turned on to Art History, which led to an intense study abroad program in Rome, Italy. This phenomenal social and cultural experience only intensified her passion for the sartorial: think Missoni, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci. Need I say more? After college, Katelyn moved back to Sweet Home Chicago and worked every angle to become a part of the fashion market place. After having internships with Ford Models, Chicago Fashion Incubator and assisting stylists on events like Chicago Fashion Focus and photo shoots for CS Magazine, she is well on her way to making her mark on the fashion scene. To balance both with her love of writing and fashion, she writes a blog titled “Lace and Hardware.” Katelyn’s ideal career goal is to write for a major fashion magazine, and will do anything to get there. Katelyn enjoys paging through Vogue, summers in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, gangster movies and a fresh manicure. In case you would like to drop Katelyn a line, whether it be in regards to a fashion inquiry or to discuss the film Goodfellas, feel free to email her at katelyn.m.finn@gmail.com.

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favorite dessert:

Bananas Foster.

guilty pleasure:

Marc Jacobs and slapstick humor (when it comes to watching anyone wipe out... I totally lose it).