jenna zaffino

cheeky core-espondent

Jenna is Cheeky’s new resident Pilates expert and Core Conditioning Champion! Founder and Director of Helios Center For Movement, Jenna has made it her mission to help Chicago get to the good stuff for posture, exercise and a lifestyle that shines from the inside out! A native of Massachusetts, Jenna followed her dancing dream to Chicago after receiving her BFA from the Hartt School at University of Hartford, Connecticut. Blessed with a love for movement and a curiosity for life, Jenna’s journey led her to pursue Pilates Teacher Training from locally known Movement Education LLC and the internationally recognized Ron Fletcher Program of Study. In addition to owning Helios, she is also the Director of the Ron Fletcher Program of Study, Chicago Campus and presents both at home and abroad for Fletcher Pilates®.


When she is not practicing, speaking about or teaching Pilates, Jenna can be found with her equally fit husband Josh, training for triathlons, walking her Cheeky dog Horatio and looking for their next adventure!

Get to the Core with Jenna (Past Articles)

favorite dessert:

"Phoebe's 'Salted Caramel' cupcakes."

guilty pleasure:

"'Love Crunch' granola over ice cream!"