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Erica Bethe Levin is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of She hails from that other coast known as the East. Her parents transplanted her from New York to West Palm Beach, Florida when she was just a small girl. Needless to say, after seven years in Chicago, her blood is still a bit thin and Florida-y. It must be from all the time she spent skipping debate practice to hang at the beach. After seventeen years of frolicking in the sun, Erica knew it was time to head to a less sandy and more windy climate; so she packed up and left for Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois to become – none other than – a theatre major. This theatre major thing did not fly so well with the parents since she had to drop out of the Medill School of Journalism (and into the School of Communication) to pursue such theatrical practices as embodying a monkey at the zoo, running around in a unitard, playing a 20-year-old Lolita and squishing ground chuck in her hands as a raging Medea.


Since that crazy/beautiful time in her life, she has fully immersed herself in the theatre/dining/entertainment world of The Second City. She has worked as an actor on such shows asCold Cold Feet at Theatre Building Chicago and Sexual Perversity in Chicago at Gorilla Tango Theatre (and a few embarrassing commercials along the way); she was the Company Coordinator at the Lookingglass Theatre; she dabbled in entertainment PR at a big firm for eight months and then decided to try going at it alone; she has waited tables at more restaurants than she cares to say and she is currently a correspondent for NBC, a freelancer for and the Midwest Casting Consultant for Erica is a very proud member of Northwestern University’s Council of 100, a select group of 100 women across America who serve as mentors to NU students and young alum.


Erica loves dark chocolate, red wine, showtunes, 8 a.m. spin classes, bacon-wrapped dates, stiletto heels, Grandma Molly, Billy Joel, her puppy Pippin, Maine, meatballs and matzah balls, making funny faces at The Bean, the Cubs, running in the park, Woody Allen, TK and her mom, dad and sister.


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favorite dessert:

"Chocolate soufflé: the kind you have to order at the beginning of the meal because it takes 20 minutes to bake."

guilty pleasure:

"The Bachelor - every season, any season, Bachelor Pad or any Bachelorette."